Fire Your Entire Executive Team ?

Consider this, Brian Scudamore told me today that in 1994 five year after inception, he fired his entire staff of 1-800-Got-Junk.  Then on his firm went on to become the world icon that it is with over 100 million dollars per year in Junk removal business.

Have you considered firing your entire executive team?  If you are not happy with your growth... you should consider that.  Why ?  Because if you had great people in your team you would be happy and if you are not then you probably failed to hire the right people.  And if you did so, then you may have a systemic problem of hiring wrong people.  The truth is one or two bad hires will not stymie your growth but a bad team will.  Now, of course there are other reason possible why your growth is not there.  However, if success is possible then the right team will make it happen.  So, there is a good chance that you have the wrong people on your staff.

Here are 4 signs to watch out for ...
  • Your growth is significantly less than the industry average
  • You feel the need to micromanage
  • You staff does not disagree with you
  • You do not look forward to a staff party or retreat 
This is not a conclusive, mutually exclusive, and cumulatively exhaustive  list or instrument of measurement that you should expect from a past professor of psychometric and statistics but it is a directional guidance for consideration.

By the way, Brian is launching a few firm 1-888-WOW-1Day... but done expect another copy cat commercial.... WOW Milk any time soon.