Just a thought that I had this morning while Pranayama(ing)

Whatever it is that you are holding on to so dearly, it is ephemeral... evanescent like a bubble.  And what you hold on to defines you.  Think about it !!  It does not have to be things.  It could be a person.  It could be an idea. Nothing lasts forever and they move on.  They transform into something new and you will be left with the ghost of them.  Hurting you until you realize there never was.  All things in the world are like the clouds.  Some give you respite with shade, some with water, but they all dissipate eventually.

This thought applies to life and work.  Well they are not different from each other anyways.  However, it is easier to identify this thought with regards to life and family but harder to see how it influences work.  Well it does !! And big time.  It is people inability to adapt that kills the future.  It is peoples insistence and pride that resists change.  All of this mars you perspective and you know perspective shapes your decisions. I can go on and on... but now I have to work.