Alive Alive Alive

Feeling nervous, uncomfortable, and anxious.  This will be my 4th dive and I am planning on going deeper than 60 feet.  I have a busted ear drum and asthma problem.  Pressure equalization in my right ear for me is a nightmare, especially with all the allergies.  It will be a disappointment if I have to come back up from pressure and pain in the middle of the dive.  But I have looked up some new techniques for releasing the pressure.  Going to try those.  Let us see how it goes.  I also now have a dive computer - the Suunto Zoop. I am excited about using it. Feels like going on a date.  It is a wonderful feeling of being alive.  Sure beats the 10th hour in the office or the 20th party on Saturdays.with food and wine.

Talked to a really cool couple today... Mike O'Neil & Lori Ruff - the RockStars and Diva of Linkedin.  Lori is the 2nd most connected woman on Linkedin in the world and they talk all over the world on how to use Linkedin to change life.  Their mission is to live life out loud and make a difference.  I am glad to befriend them and look forward to meeting in person.  If you get a chance do watch the video recording of our conversation... Unfortunately, the most exciting part will need to be edited out because these are professional work focused videos.

Now I have to get out for my dive.