Selling Money

What's this fascination with dream sellers that we have!!! Why do we get so attracted to these ideas. You could make millions in real estate with Jack’s method or you could attend a seminar with John to lose weight, or grow your business beyond the 100 Million mark with Paul's coaching. I am not sure how much actionable value people derive from listening to and engaging with those who sell ideas that are seductive. But for sure the seduction is powerful. For example, I thought there would be a limit to the number of ways people can sell the idea of product differentiation but no: It was, is, and forever will be a hot item. Look at the number of books out there on the same topic presented as new ideas.  The difference is that they all come with a twist. The twist of money.  The draw of the dream of money.  They are all packaged in the idea of money and it’s money making potential. That is why it sells. Money sells like nothing else does… well except the S thing….

So whatever it is that you are selling if people can see $$$ at a reptilian level then you are more likely to succeed than otherwise – at least in the case of B2B. They do not have access to sex selling as easily as B2C does.