The centrifuge test of potential

Marriages are tested during tough times. New couples are happy people. They seem compatible and alike in many ways.  They like each other and have a lot of expections.  They see the likeness and the potential.  They do not see the differences.  In many situations, soon the s.... hits the fan the relationship is tested.  Stress puts a strain and the wheat is seperated from the chaff.  The differences start becoming more apparent.  Now it is easier to predict the potential problems and chances of success.  Higher the stress the subtler the measure of differences.

When milk is put in a centrifuge the result is water seperated out from milk, unlike before when milk and water were one.  This is the centrifuge test.  It is also a kind of stress test.

It is very valuable as a test.

How about when the board hires a CEO or the CEO hires a sales team?  Similar is the situation.  Put them to the stress test and you will find the differences between your needs and the persons readiness to deliver.