What will you do to take off your air plane

When an aircraft is taking off all other non essential dissipation of energy is shut off - such cabin lights etc. The entire focus is on taking off. All the power is conserved, made available and readied for the take off.

Such a laser sharp focus is the key to succeeding at any goal. While, risk taking is almost always required off an entrepreneur, they need to manage risk and only focus risk taking for the core venture, such as market uncertainties or expectation. Often times for various reason, CEO's take on additional risk for the enterprise that is non essential risk taking. For example, when hiring ill fitting sales people, or deciding upon off-shoring. Cost control is surely important but not in a manner that jeopardizes the growth potential of the firm. Same is the case with off shore plans. If the project is worth doing, it is worth doing well and we need to provide all the necessary elements to bring it to fruition. Only do the essential and do not short change the essential.

I know of CEO's who have considered hiring fresh graduates for sales roles during the initial stages of a B2B technology firm. That is hard to justify.