Productivity The Piowrite Way

Most people would probably not know about Walter Piowrite. He passed away recently and the media thanked him for saving the world’s cattle.

Since the Romans, periodic cattle plagues have wiped out up to 90% of any regions’ cattle from time to time, devastating the effected economies consummately. But not any more - since Walter changed the world by eradicating the responsible virus.

Do you know that this modest investment of $3 Million has resulted in an incremental income of over $290 Billion in India alone, where they don’t even eat beef? I don’t even want to calculate the ROI the world over (well !! pssst… I actually do not have the data… but don’t tell that to anyone).

Why is it that some people choose to take up tasks where the value add they bring is enormous and the rest don’t. I guess that is the nature of the world. But can we not think big? What is stopping us from doing that? Why do we aim small? Is it that we lack the capability? Well yes some do!! But for many they simply do not look for problems, rather they looking at solutions and try to replicate it with some modification? And then cry about hardship and frustration !!! Is it really serendipity that some people produce copiously from their effort while others don’t?

I don’t know the answers to that. But I do know that it is possible to train ourselves to think differently: Actually, to unlearn what they teach us at school and re-program our thought processes. Of course, there are issues and complexities involved… and timing too. Talent is important but the truth is most of us are undercapitalizing ourselves by incorrectly focusing our attention to the less relevant.

A single successful social media site has spawned hundreds… almost like the post earthquake tremors. But a truly creative effort is priceless. So are there any specific things we can do to look at the world differently.

Yes !!! One approach certainly helps us reach our potential better.

Don’t say I am stuck - what do I do about this !!!!! That is a ass-backwards way of looking at the situation. Instead, say is there a problem? Then spend most of your time defining the problem in as many ways as possible. Then ask yourself… does this problem (not the solution mind you) really interests me beyond myself and more than any other problem? If yes, am I willing to dedicate my life to this problem? If the answer sill is yes then you are on to something. Else, outsource the problem to some expert. My point being… don’t do anything that is not truly you. This is on predictable route to getting stellar success. Route to big results is paved by aligning biggest problems with your own best resources. Serendipity apart, this is your most predictable route to maximizing your chances of success.

Here is something interesting… take this test to find out your true colors ..I won’t tell much about it. But you will not be disappointed that you spent 10 minutes on this. I can promise you it will surprise you with its accuracy.