On Supply Chain With Elemica CEO John Blyzinsekyj

The visibility into your supply chain is becoming critical with globalization and reliance on outsourcing. Take the case of Heparin, a widely used blood thinner, where adulteration in an early part of its manufacturing process in China led to adverse reactions and deaths of many people in the United States, or the discovery by the Senate Armed Services Committee in a year long investigation that counterfeit electronic parts from China were being used in complex U.S. military hardware. 

While your "Made in USA" mobile phone (having parts sourced from various parts of the world) is unlikely to pose a danger to your life (although events of battery explosion have been in the news), the medicines you take, or the other equipment that you use, from microwave ovens to automobiles could turn out to be a danger to your life if it had faulty parts. Manufacturing is a complex global activity where various stages of the process may be happening in places as different as a village in China, or an city in the US and it is critical that companies have a clear view of their supply chain so that they can ensure thorough quality control. Our conversation with John Blyzinskyj, CEO of Elemica explores how incorporating big data analytics in supply chain management would allow companies to have significantly greater understanding and control of their supply chain 

Elemica is the leading Supply Chain Operating Network provider for the process industries is poised to help supply chain leaders unlock the potential of big data. Advanced analytics and predictive algorithms will change both supply and demand chain processes, allowing companies to make real-time decisions leading to bottom-line profitability increases and risk mitigation. According to John Blyzinskyj, CEO, Elemica "The wealth of data captured from raw material procurement through distribution to the end customer creates a comprehensive, holistic view of how a supply chain is performing. This data feeds the analytics and powers the algorithms fostering clear business insights and better decision-making, allowing clients to respond faster and more effectively to the key triggers that make or break a business. Elemica's Supply Chain Operating Network processes a quarter of a trillion dollars in transaction value annually, providing the foundation for real-time analytics that lead to the strategic and tactical decision companies need to make to maintain a competitive edge."

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