Targeted Infopreneurship

 Yesterday I went to attend a seminar on Transcendental Meditation(TM) and learned something I would have never imagined. There is no way anyone can deny the value of TM in our lives, and based on the information I got yesterday, I am convinced that everybody should be practicing TM or something equivalent to TM. The amount of scientific research that supports TM is incredible, it was eye opening. However, I would have never come to this conclusion had I not attended the seminar.  The funny thing is I have known about TM all my life, in fact, I grew up within a 1 mile radius of where Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was born but I never bothered to inquire.

What does this mean about the ubiquity of information in the present times? Of course, today, a lot, if not all, the information is available to anybody who seeks - very very easily.  That does not mean that you have it. It only means that you can find it if you seek it.  Well !!! that was true in the past as well. The difference was how much effort you had to put in to get to the information. Knowing what you need to know is still the same problem.

Presently, there is just too much information,and too much garbage for anybody to hone on to the right knowledge at the right time. And that’s why anyone who can just sift through and identify key information for your needs is doing an incredible service for you. Unfortunately, that’s mostly not happening. It’s almost as if you have a huge chest full of trinkets and jewelry, but you don’t know the difference, so the jewels are completely lost onto you. When we say that all the information is out there on the net – it’s true, but then it’s only as valuable as trinkets if we don’t know the difference.

I believe that if someone can take a small segment of a homogeneous group of people and provide that service, they are making a great contribution. Is that happening? Yes, but it’s not happening well. And I think, therein lies the rub. Infopreneurs who can clearly define their segment into really tight homogeneous groups, know them, and provide information to them as they need, are going to be successful. Those who are generic are eventually going to fail. What infopreneurs are doing is focusing on topics. They need to focus on people.  If I don't know about TM I am not thinking about it.  I need someone to say Nick I know you and I know what you need to know - look at this - it might interest you. It should be like that retailer Delia - they way we know 13 to 16 year old US girls and we cater to them.  We are not in the business of selling a, b, or c and d.

Anyhow, as far as TM is concerned, I met experts who presented the verifiable proof that hit home with me and today I firmly believe that if you suffer from stress or any health issues, you should, for starters, visit one of the TM centers and get their booklet. I for one, I’m going to add TM to my health efforts along with pranayama that I already practice.