Generalization That You Don't Agree With

Which Planet Are You Living On !!!


And on and on and on... goes the heated this post online ... And there are literally hundreds and thousands of such arguments.  In fact, I can bet you had one too.  The coolest of all "cats" has used convoluted thinking in defense of their views, unless they are highly trained researcher or methodologists.

I am talking about using anecdotal evidence or personal experience to refute a generalization.  It gets to the point of being ludicrous and yet it is so common that it proves that common sense is uncommon. In fact, all arguments are started because two people hold divergent views.  The problem is that though it is okay to argue when there is no statistical generalization, when there is one it is pointless to discuss anything.  It is then a fact and nothing else or nothing more.

Here is an example of the argument... the women in good faith gives statistics that women should have children by 30 and that is good advice.  There are so many women lynching the writer about it, giving their own or their aunts examples of having children late.  What is up with people.  Why do we hold some views so dearly that any fissure is seen as a personal attack and we refuse to see a balanced perspective.  More importantly how does this hurt us?  

Make a bad choice based on faulty logic and you could be be in gods dog house for a long time.