The Reality of the Third Eye and the Myth of Will-Power

What you like or dislike, desire or not, and act upon or not, must not fluctuate by the time of the day, or the day of the week, or the month of the year.  That is the sign of a strong intellect.  Your intellect is different from your intelligence, it is the reservoir of your accumulated wisdom. It is your intellect and not your intelligence, will-power or discipline that makes you a stable, focused, and therefore, a more effective individual.

Our society and schools have no program for the development of this thing that we might call intellect. Super successful people have a stronger intellect than others.  They remain steadfast yet flexible enough to make course corrections when faced with unexpected opportunities or challenges.

How do they do that?  Where does this come from? Is it a personality issue? Can it be changed or developed ? These are some very good questions.

If you think about it, fundamental to it all is the concept of "Self Awareness" which is also a function of your intellect. That's why I also like to refer to it as the "third eye". An individual that practices active self-awareness activates his/her "third eye" and channels all the wisdom contained therein. Without self awareness your likes and dislikes will sway like trees in the winds of external forces that are constantly changing, resulting in inconsistent actions, while we all know that even rocks change shape from water that falls on them with consistency.

Who are you is a very good question to ask.  But we are not taught that at all. It is all our own input, and trial and error processing of external information and expectations.  Nothing about self discovery. But sustaining peak performance is impossible without true insights into who we are.