Auditory, Olfactory, & Oculatory Sensibilities…

We live in organized societies with social sensibilities.  We do not defecate in public.  We do not honk needlessly on public roads.  We do not fart in public.  In general we know the difference between a jarring noise from soulful music.   We know the difference between fragrance and putrid fetidness.  Then I simply do not understand what part of oculatory insensibility do people not get.  Why does this guy with a skimpy Canadian maple leaf short on a frame with the silhouette of a pole dancer on his back for a tatoo need to promote public shirtlessness on my street every day?

Okay… I understand some of you will not agree with me here.  But you have to agree with me about the guy - a Director at Dell with his cubicle right next to mine crunching carrots and talking loudly on the phone in his Irish accent all day long. I understand the right to self expression - that is the reason I in the US.  But that does not mean that I have to like it.  I must protest in the strongest possible words.  Moreover, people need to calm down and think about their motivations before they start acting like jerks.  For the life of me, I can't understand why people have to run around half naked in the middle of the winters (Okay Texas is not exactly winters in Nov.)

Please, offices are even more organized social structures.  You have to be extra careful not to wear cleavage maximizing Nordstrom outfits, or flip-flops on Fridays, or copious gobs of Estee Lauder.  You are going to office to be productive and not manifest your intricate personality nuances.  Anything that can distract anybody from productive goals should be a clear no no, if it is not adding any value to the office goals. 
If you must, do keep a bucket of listerine, a packet of soggy chips, a change of cloths for your polka dance class in the evening, and avoid lijjat poppadum at all costs.