There are only two kinds of mistakes a person can make

They are like yin and yang of success. Change one and it effects the other. If the change is for better the results would be all pervasive.

One can decide to climb the mount Everest today and take the next flight to Nepal tomorrow. Start climbing the first available opportunity and fail miserably thereafter. What went wrong: A.) Either it was a stupid decision or B.) Failed to push thru the decision.

You can't do good on one without a deep understanding of the other. If a person fails it is because of these two. These are the cells that hold the DNA of human self. The one that can predict performance.

Answer to all the whys lie here. Keep peeling the onion. If these two abilities are strong - the ability to make good choices and the ability to follow thru you do not need to hear all the thousands of analysts and gurus. Warren Buffet does not read all that stuff.

These two abilities are the building blocks of success. It is the foundation. A building is no more strong that the cement used to make it. If you can't strengthen your ability to make decisions that you will execute well then you will not succeed. And it is not dependent upon the knowledge you have or gain or acquire. On the contrary the knowledge you acquire to get things done is dependent upon your ability manage this yin and yang of success.