It Is Not Over Yet....

Believe and act as if you exist for the greater good of humanity. I am not prescribing a value system. I am communicating what is efficient in our system. For example expression of loyalty means giving up your self interest, However, in the long view, loyalty correctly practised is self serving. It is a group behavior and we are all part of a group. Taking selfish short-cuts will show you direct and immediate benefits but some group norms help you achieve more. You are not alone... you are part of a social system and perceptions are reality.
Nothing is more empowering than that value where all your actions are seen through such a filter - that your actions will improve the world. It cuts through clutter and difficulties like a surgical knife. Then whatever you do becomes purposeful and easier. You have taken out the self as the primary motivator and you are out of the equation of feelings. Because it is feelings that mar your judgement and execution. No wonder lawyers do not fight their own cases.

Moreover, there is an internal dialog within you that is instrumental in your performance. That is what separates the great leaders and athletes from the rest of us. This internal dialog needs to be managed so that you achieve your peak performance. It is about creating that dialog that I am talking about. This will apply to most people and most situations. Your job is to influence positively but you must do so without an expectation or desire to control the outcome. Then and only then will your actions maximize your impact. Because you will not stop and you will not harm.

So, I ask - What kind of a sales person, negotiator, or a leader are you? Are you going to give up on the change you wish to see occur, or are you going to not worry about the outcomes because you are making a difference no matter what?

I for one like to say.... I am not going to give up and I am selling you nothing. You choose if you wish to buy because I do not control that. I simply try to maximize my 'influencability'.