How He Took A Regional Firm to Create A $2 Billion Firm In 10 Years

Bill Whitmore is the CEO of AlliedBarton, a company with 55000 employees that grew within 10 years from a regional player to one of the largest players in the industrial and organizational security business. Bill is an amazing character and an amazing leader. What Bill has done to his company and how he has done it is not comparable to anyone I have talked with before. Bill is the ultimate professional manager; he has the ability to go anywhere and get things done, and succeed extraordinarily. That's because he has his ideas and principles so finely aligned that he cannot make mistakes. He is the kind of guy you would want as a mentor.

When you talk to most people about leadership and skills development, typically they have an approach like that of a doctor who would give 5 different pills - one for blood pressure, one for this, one for that. But when you go to a yogi, he will say change your lifestyle - this is how you should live, this is what you should eat. Bill is a yogi of training and development. Ignore the programs, when you go for programs you are going for pills. That doesn't give you health it only controls the symptoms. What gives you health is a healthy lifestyle. You can't just do it by talking about it; you have to "do it".

Anyone who is interested in growing there company, and they are reasonably big sized - if you've got 500 people in your company, you have to watch this. If you want to be successful, you have to watch this. It's about action, it's about walking the talk. Bill walks the talk.