Knowing Is Not Sufficient

I have found it to be a wonderful idea for many reasons.  And now I am putting to practice the thought of taking each of my 3 daughters for a regular one-on-one lunch, or breakfast, or dinner with me.  The rewards are enormous.  Hanging out with family is critical but pales in comparison to the one-on-one time.  No more distractions to deal with while having quality in-depth conversations.  Actually, recently, I started feeling a disconnect with my 13 year old. I thought, left unattended, this would become a gaping hole in the future.  On a few occasions, during family arguments, she told me she wanted to talk to her mother rather than I.  I bet a lot of you already know the reason.  But I did not, even though I should have.  I tell that reason to all my clients.  Learn to talk the language of your client before you talk to your clients.  Know their vocabulary and the style.  Know the cultural nuances. 

Yesterday on our long walk to schlotsky, Ashima told me - "Dad you talk like a boy. You never had any sisters.  That is why I prefer talking to mom. You make everything so logical and use those weird words. Stop doing that." 

And I did that.  I only asked questions and let her speak.  That was wonderful.