Wanna Be Like Michael Jackson

No one in his or her sane mind could ever want their child to grow up to be like Michael Jackson. Yet we spend oodles of hours on training to talent but little on strengthening the intellect. We stuff children with facts and train them to use intelligence.  Yet the education system fails our kids.  We have "virtual" everything but not virtual experiences that can help kids grow up to be more successful people. We all could do better with superior understanding of the cause and effect nature our beliefs, attitudes, choices and actions. We simply do not have a handle on the Art of Living.  People like Rajat Gupta, Madoff, The 75 year old German industrialist about whom I just wrote, they were all intelligent people but made dumb choices.  Yes smart people do make dumb under the influence of their own mental fog. But my 4 year old does not do that.  I made her watch a few video about candy consumption and teeth decay.  And now she self-manages her consumption.

What are our educators doing in their ivory towers ?