InterGalactic of IntraMental Locations

When a 75 year old man commits suicide in front of a speeding train because he lost a big chunk of his billions, while still holding on to $8 billions, it makes you feel quite certain that Heaven and Hell are not interglactic locations but rather our own states of minds.  I bet what he left behind would have made the heavens (at least momentarily) for a lot of people. But at least the old man got out of his misery, even if it was all self created.  Bulk of our pains are self inflicted and we don't even know that, until something like this hits you and even then the realization is only fleeting.  It will have no impact on our constitution unless we take time out to re-evaluate and readjust thoughtfully.  There is no point in killing yourself just because you have only 8 Billion Dollars.

Knowing that, what we think is dependent upon who we are rather than any objective reality out there. And that thought can be very empowering. It can re-set us completely and help us question all your choices, decisions, and actions.