Einstein on child rearing

So you have back pain.  You mistakenly tell that to your friends during a conversation.  Lo and Behold !! Every one and their grandmother's cat will have advice for you.  The more the people the varied the advice: from MRIs to deep-sea-fish oil massage or something even more obscure or bizarre.  Don’t get me wrong they do mean well.  But then so does the nit-wit from the 3rd cubicle from yours who tells you not to drink water from the fountains as you plan your outsourcing trip to India or Mexico, which is like asking a hobo if he would want a place to stay the night.

Eventually, you learn not to share certain things with the world at large and stop wasting time.  You nod and you avoid further discussion because you do not want amateurs giving to advice.  When your doctor refers you to a cardiologist for a heart problem, why on earth would you listen to your neighbour's maid about back pain.  Yet you continue to listen to just about everyone when it comes to your back pain or your falling sales or your failed marketing campaigns or your product failures but do not actively seek a professional.

On the other hand if you are one of the few others who are always in the company of professionals then my salute to you.