To Tango or Not To Tango

The Tango is a great dance.  I loved it and am enjoying it.  And I am not even missing the steps.

As I started in this group program, the instructor said to the leaders (guys) you are too limp for the tango.  Lead with your body not your feet, he said - center of your body. Everybody was a bit uncomfortable.  So they still moved their feet first.  I on the other hand followed the instructions and was often getting a bit too close for comfort. At that moment a nice blond happened to be my partner.  I did not want anyone to get the wrong idea.  So, I quitely asked the instructor what I should do.. and he said, no just worry about your own steps and keep on going.  She needs to follow her instructions. 

At the end, and a few crashes later, flustered and embarrassed at my own actions, I tried to explain myself to her and you know what she said.  Lets practice after the class…. I need to get my steps right.

Moral of the story:  Follow standard operating procedures.  Even a muck up can be a good thing.