SOP's Are For Your Good

I think i have mild Nitrogen over load from diving this morning - may be some sub clinical decompression sickness too.  I feel like crap.  I came up quicker than I should have. It is a standard operating procedure to ascend slowly and stop at 15 feet depth for 3 minutes to let the body release the access nitrogen, which I did not do though I was under for 45 minutes.  I don't think I am as fit as I'd like to believe.  But it was fun.  I experienced a thermocline too. 

Military has SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for almost everything - including how to turn left.  The stakes are too high and complexity immense.  Well !! they do have the resources to develop them too.  It is a huge and rich organization, at least in the US.

I think it is a lame to say that dynamic business environment can not afford to have or need as many SOPs. I think creativity aside most work is mundane, but the left arm does not often know what the right arm is doing in many many organizations - both big and small.  Nobody said that SOP can not be modified.  As long as anything is to be done more than one time, there is a need to do it right and made replicable.

I like to create a SOP and then let others do the work.  It takes time initially, but makes life a lot easier.  Here is one I follow for myself: Delete all the email in the inbox in the morning and then move back only the really really relevant ones.  Trust me - it makes life simpler.