Amazon of Services

There is a concept in remote Indian villages called the HAAT.  It is essentially a village market place once every now and then.  You went there to buy a cow or bangles or oil or whatever the villagers could afford and fancy.  For the villagers that was the place to be.  Like a Mall or Amazon.  Just like Amazon... you want it... you can get it within minutes... Well except the delivery. 

The next revolution needs to be in services.  Imagine a world where anything could be done in seconds.. not days... or weeks or months.  Won't that be the next level of globalized Baazzaar.  I want HTML done on my CSS… well in minutes I can have the guy doing the work.  They are waiting and ready.  Everybody is in the Globalized Services Baazzaar with 24/7 availability.  You want a Direct Marketing Campaign person! In minutes you can talk to 3 people who can write you a DM letter.  You want your Laptop’s BIOS password reset? In 20 minutes it is done by the guy in Indonesia, whom you can find in a jiffy. No more or or

How about SKYPE for this !!! Let me search Skype users by keywords and send them a message in one shot.  Let me allocate a certain amount of money from my Paypal account to the project and let providers bid on it with well defined deadline (well no longer is Skype owned by eBay… sorry.. but still)… you get the point.

Alas !! Not Yet..