Many resume and cover letters we see start off with who am I, what have I done, and what do I want.  Many sales people do the same thing… who is my company and what do we do.  This I call the RESUME SALES STYLE.  We all come across so many sales people who take this approach:  Seasoned sales people, high end sales people, and the ordinary sales people. In the current environment of split second multitasking, people switch attention off to another activity at the slightest hint of “NOT FOR ME”.

People who approach jobs and sales this way are shooting themselves in the foot. Get out of ME ME ME ME ME mode…. The other person does not care about you or your products or your resume.  They are only interested in themselves.  Completely eradicate yourself and your firm from your thoughts as you try to sell yourself or your firm.

Think and say… what benefits can I provide to the other person.  How can he benefit from listening to me or reading this sentence.

Here is a better example…  I am John Doe and I specialize in profitability management for technology firm. Typically, I can identify unattended profit pools in the first 3 months at most firms leading to at least 1% margin improvement solutions. 

Now, compare this to the following resume and cover letter that I actually received:

Dear Nick ,

I am John Doe.  I am an MBA graduate with 26 months experience in consumer durable. I have completed my MBA in Marketing. During my MBA, I have done 6 month project with ABC Ltd and 1months with Reebok. Currently, I am working in ‘XYZKJS GROUP’ as a Sr.BDE for Northern specific Region. We provide industrial solutions/Auto Ancillary/Consumer Durable. It is corporate channel Sales (B2B).