Average Begets Average

I just watched the recent 60 Minute segment on the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov who is about to purchase the New Jersey Nets. The way he lives his life may not be attractive to some but it certainly is tremendously intriguing and unorthodox to everybody. You have to watch the program to know what I am saying.

There is nothing that he does that an average person can’t do… I mean in terms of actions and not outcomes. However, the average person never does what he does (let alone the outcomes). I am sure the same can be said about many other tremendously successful people.

I am not sure if you can just do weird things and be successful. I do know that doing what everybody else is doing is a sure shot way of getting what everybody else is getting.

This does not mean that we should do different things from others and we will be successful. It only mean that when we do different things from others we will get results that others are not getting. It could be greater or lesser.

But one thing is for sure … to get results different from the average you have to do things that are different from the average.

Enjoy the segment…