Sometimes it seems school is such a waste of time

So, when he opened the cage the bird could not choose to fly away.  For her that was home.  She did not know there was a choice.  My kid does something similar every morning: But my teacher told me so or so and so does it too!!!  Another of my kids is choosing to follow the path in front of him and study that which is obvious for his grad school.

We have infinite choices: to eat, to wear, and to be.  But we mostly never go beyond the confines of the given,  Perhaps it is easy or may be we don't see any other way.  The food is next door and we go hungry in the confines.  I often tell kids - go to college more for education than as a path for jobs. Choose to explore what is inside of you.  Our schools are to blame to a large extent. They think their objective is to educate us and give us something.  Instead the objective of education should be to bring things out of us.  We are the ones that created the world we live in.  It came from us.  Cramming information so that you can regurgitate is a wasted human resource, even if they are successful overtly.

Choosing the obvious is such a cop out and when young people do that it is a shame.