Brisket must be cooked slowly

Yet another sales story. So, I met this professional services provider. I spent 3 hours with him. In the process he drew up a long contract that he expected me to sign at the end of our conversation. He failed to listen to my apprehensions. I was exploring. He did not address my concern instead he went on his own high horse. Indeed, in the process, I got bits and pieces of information and it was valuable for me but I was not ready to buy just yet. I needed to address some basic issues. I had not explored substitute options. I had not felt comfortable with what I was wanting to do. He did not educate me did not point to alternatives. Instead, he was upset that he wasted his 3 hours. The truth is yes he wasted at least 2 hours of his in talking at me rather than talking to me. And he certainly did not listen to me. He also upset me by being upset himself. Now, I would not go to him because of obvious reasons, even if his offering made sense. He lost me as a potential client.


Sales is a art and a process… Just like cooking. Good brisket is cooked slowly. Else, it will dry out because the collagen only breaks at low temperatures. One cannot nuke the meat.. it will not create a brisket. Set your expectation correct. Else you are in for an unexpected ride. Be prepared. Have all the ingredients ready and handy. Know the process for what you sell. Selling is not a street fight that you end up getting into. As my friend Paul DiModica says – it is a pre-mediated contact sport.. Professional selling is a learnt art form. It has little to do with personality and most to do with process and practice..

In this instance, I think the person should have first identified what was going on in my head and what my decision plan would be like. Only then should he have formulated his sales strategy. After all it was a complex sale.