I usually watch movies at home and rather late in the game.  Everybody (more or less) knows King's Speech is a marvelous film.   There are a lot of points and lessons and takeaways that each one of us would have gotten consciously or subconsciously. One point that I noted was the insistence on Equality that was considered necessary by The King's Speech Therapist right from the start and with incredible audacity.  It is the audacity that really got me. A huge portion of the movie revolves around the need for equality in helping the King.  If an insignificant, inconsequential, and credentially bankrupt vendor of services can have such intrepid assertiveness, why is it that most others slither for a sale?  Do you think that Lionel Logue would have succeeded at making the "Deal" (indulge me) had he not had that approach.

How is your style and communication?  How do others perceive you when you tell them what you do and what you want?  Drop me a note.